“When one starts learning he

opens doors to a new world

full of hope and promise.”

M. K. Soni


At Kids of the Kingdom Preschool & Daycare, we know that a happy childhood is the stepping stone to a healthy future. Our Program encourages shared play with interaction from loving teachers that build the emotional and social skills your child will rely on today and in the future.

Recognizing that your child’s early educational experiences are very important, our program is designed to help children learn the important skills needed as they approach Kindergarten age. This occurs through play experiences and teacher interaction. Children at Kids of the Kingdom
learn about God, themselves, and getting along with others. Guided by well-trained professionals, children choose daily from a variety of activity centers that encourage them to develop competence and self-confidence. Children will also learn through organized group activities and lesson plans. Reading, language, and following directions are just a few of the valuable skills that are reinforced daily through these activities.